Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Simply stated, the goals of the AP30 are to:

  • Provide bulk data access services to assist external software projects requiring biodiversity occurrence data. 
  • Provide a web services for the persistence of annotations against occurrence records.
  • Produce data quality processes to improve the quality of the occurrence data

Primarily, these services will be targeted at meeting the needs of the AP03 project Edgar, but once developed, they will aid the development of other biodiversity portals and analytical tools.

The annotations provided by Edgar, will also persist with the occurrence data. This will aid other researchers in the removal of records not suitable for distribution modelling.

1 comment:

  1. Would be nice to know how these technical services end of affecting the users, e.g. the knock on effects of being able to do bulk data access, annovation and quality of occurence data. Will it mean a species is saved, will it help an ecosystem? What other biodiversity portals and analystics tools are likely to use our outputs. Perhaps even these tools are generic enough to be used by other disciplines? A picture/diagram might help better convey the larger purpose of the project as well?

    Though I get what you are doing on the programmatic level, a nice clear explanation - thanks :)